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The Book of Enoch MSV

The Modern Standard Version is an easy-to-read and accessible introduction to the Book of Enoch. This Bible-based version is an excellent way to study and learn these ancient concepts.

  • 640 Footnotes cross-referencing the Holy Bible

  • Parallel passages to the New Testament

  • Commentary on Enoch's importance in biblical study

  • The MSV is the complete work of Enoch


About the Book

The authoritative Ethiopic translation of R. H. Charles is combined in the MSV with the translations of Richard Laurence, George H. Schodde, and August Dillmann to make the text easier to understand. All four translations and their notes were diligently compared when updating the text.

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The Book of Enoch & the Bible (FREE)

The Book of Enoch is a strange and interesting collection of works quoted by Jude in the Bible. Let's explore Enoch's biblical connections and what the New Testament writers thought of it. Hebrews tells us Enoch served God faithfully through the most corrupt time in history, reminding us how to stand firm in a world of turmoil.


The Book of Enoch MSV

Modern Standard Version

Read by Kip Farrar

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Free Informational Guide - The Origin of Demons

Why does the Bible have so much to say about demons? What is God trying to tell us? This free, 15 page informational guide is a wealth of biblical knowledge on this unusual topic.


Free Footnote Reference Sheet

A companion to the MSV Audio Book. Get the over 640 footnotes for cross-referencing the Holy Bible.

Why Read The Book of Enoch?

Why Read The Book of Enoch?


Many scholars once thought the Book of Enoch was written after the New Testament simply because the parallels were too great. It had to be written after. But the Dead Sea Scrolls and other writings proved the Book of Enoch came first.

This means nearly all of the New Testament writers were influenced by Enoch in their writing of scripture because Enoch is heavily reflected in their work. Even Jesus Christ alludes to images, themes, and ideas from this book. Enoch was part of Jewish tradition at the time and is just one of many outside works alluded to in the Holy Bible.

(Not to be confused with the hoax writings in the Slavonic Enoch called The Secrets of Enoch/2 Enoch or the Hebrew Enoch called The Revelation of Metatron/3 Enoch. These post-New Testament works have nothing to do with the Book of Enoch and are proven fabrications.)

The Holy Bible can be fully read and understood on its own, but the Book of Enoch brings greater clarity and context to confusing passages and ideas. For example, Revelation is often considered one of the most perplexing books of the Bible, and much of Revelation is an adapted retelling of the Book of Enoch.

Most importantly, the Book of Enoch does not bring new revelation to the Holy Bible. It does not alter or recontextualize scripture. Every idea and theme from Enoch is already present in the Bible. This work can be studied to great benefit without fear of tainted doctrine.

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